Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer


A real estate lawyer is a legal professional who guides clients through the purchase, sale, lease or development of land and the associated financing. They are experienced in a wide range of real estate law matters, including foreclosures, title and survey issues, landlord-tenant problems, tax law and zoning issues.

Real estate laws are complex and can vary by location, so a local attorney is important. An example of a firm is Adam Leitman Bailey PC, which is based in New York City and specializes in commercial and residential real estate law, mortgage law, litigation, financing and landlord-tenant disputes. Its attorneys have won many cases over the years and contributed to the evolution of various real estate laws.

The firm has represented a variety of property owners, developers, lenders and investors. Its attorneys have also negotiated commercial leases and worked on a number of high-profile commercial and residential real estate transactions. For more https://www.texascashhousebuyer.com/

For someone considering hiring a real estate attorney, the most important thing is to find an experienced lawyer who is a good fit. This can be done by getting recommendations from friends or relatives who have recently gone through a similar transaction, as well as consulting online legal review websites. The American Bar Association directory is another useful resource to locate real estate attorneys in your area.

Once you have found an attorney that meets your needs, it is important to enlist their services early in the process. People who wait to hire an attorney risk contract revisions that are not in their best interests, errors in mortgage loan documents or problems with the title that may not be covered by insurance.

If the seller has not already hired an attorney, a buyer’s real estate attorney can help prepare a contract to purchase that reflects the sales price and any terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties. This includes negotiating contingencies such as appraisal contingencies, loan commitment contingencies and other closing dates and procedures. Real estate attorneys can also assist in preparing and reviewing escrow instructions, deed documents, disclosures and the mortgage or note to secure debt following the mortgage lender’s instructions. They can also identify and clear up any unpaid liens, lawsuits or other claims against the property as well as search and record all transfer fees, utility charges, homeowners association fees and title insurance premiums to be paid at closing.

Real estate lawyers are also skilled in negotiating with local governments regarding zoning issues. Zoning laws determine whether an area can be used for residential or commercial purposes, or a mix of both. A real estate attorney can help a property owner petition the city to change how land is zoned or represent other owners in fighting against a rezoning.

For more information about real estate lawyers, contact a law firm such as Fisher Stone P.C. The partners at this New York firm have extensive experience in a variety of real estate-related matters, including commercial and residential closings, deed transfers and 1031 exchanges. They can also assist with real estate taxation, estate planning and evictions.


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